Policies and Procedures and Course Guide

2020 Greater Hartford Disc Golf Open

Tournament Info


COVID-19 Response

Anyone who has COVID-19, is exhibiting common symptoms of COVID-19, is ill, or is in direct contact with someone with COVID-19, must not participate and may be asked to leave the event.

All participants, spectators and staff are asked to observe all recommended social distancing policies, including keeping a safe distance of at least 6 feet when possible and wearing masks when this is not possible or interacting with other individuals.  No gathering in large groups.

We will not require players to wear masks during play.

All official scoring will be handled via the online PDGA live scoring

Connecticut Travel Restrictions

Anyone traveling into Connecticut from a state that has a new daily positive test rate higher than 10 per 100,000 residents or a state with a 10% or higher positivity rate over a 7-day rolling average are directed to self-quarantine for a 14-day period from the time of last contact within the identified state.  A list of qualifying states can be found here 

The rule requires that you MUST quarantine for 14 days unless you: 

  • are coming from a lower-risk state (not on the linked list above)  
  • can produce, on request, proof of negative test result for COVID-19 from a test administered on a sample taken not longer than 72 hours before your arrival in Connecticut
  • meet the exemption criteria.

In addition, anyone entering from one of the identified states must fill out a travel health form upon arrival. Travelers can fill out the form online at ct.gov/travelform.

Player Check In / Tournament Central

The area designated as “Tournament Central” will be reserved for event staff only.  Players may visit to obtain information as necessary and then return to a safe social distance.  Masks should always be worn when visiting the staff area.

We ask that you do not arrive at the course until 1 hour before your tee time to avoid large gatherings.  All players should visit Tournament Central to check in and receive their player packs.  A designated area will be assigned with safe distancing markers for you to wait while checking in.  We ask you to leave Tournament Central after checking in.


We will not have a food vendor on site this year.  Players should plan accordingly.  We also ask players to bring enough water to meet their personal needs during the event.  Bottled water will be available at tournament central if needed.

Parking Pass

Wickham Park will be offering a week long parking pass to players.  For $20, you gain entry to the park from Monday to Sunday, rather than paying each day.  Please inquire at the gate.


We are allowing spectators at this time, however we expect that all spectators will adhere to all social distancing guidelines by keeping the required safe distance and wearing masks when in close proximity to others.  We ask that spectators do not congregate in large groups.

Withdrawals / Changes to Registration

Any withdrawals or changes to registration must be requested by 8:00 PM Tuesday August 18th.  After that time, registration will be locked.  We will not be able to add players or allow you to change divisions the day of the event.

Tee Time Release

Tee times will be posted to the PDGA event page no later than Wednesday, August 19th @ Noon.

Event Schedule

Leading up to the event, the park will officially open at 9:30 each day.

During the days of the event (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), the park gates will open at 8:00 each day.

Players should arrive 10 minutes before their tee time at Hole 1.  There will be a designated area for the players teeing off and a separate area for the tee time “on deck” to wait.

We will hold a brief awards ceremony approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of the final round on Sunday.  We will maintain all social distancing guidelines during the ceremony.


In the event of last minute changes due to unforeseen circumstances or inclement weather, we will email all registered players AND post an update to the tournament Facebook page found at http://facebook.com/ghdgo  It is highly recommended that all players follow the Facebook page for updates.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions or are looking for additional information, please contact Assistant Tournament Director Patrick DiCaprio via patrick.dicaprio@gmail.com


**All three rounds will be played on the same 18 hole layout**

1       All pros will play from the upper Pro tee – MA1 and MA40 will play from Standard tee.  All other divisions will play from the Rec tee.  OB-Grassy rough inside of bricked/flagged line, all fences and beyond, paved service road, and planting area to left of pin opening as marked by bricks/flags. From the Standard tee – if your tee shot goes OB, 3rd shot is played from rec tee.  From the Pro tee – if your tee shot goes OB, 3rd shot is played from Standard tee.  If this shot also goes OB, 5th shot is played from rec tee.  Subsequent OBs played from where last in bounds.  622’ from Pro tee/540’ from Standard tee/280’ from rec tee.

2      Alternate basket (to the left over grassy rough).  OB-Grassy rough to left of bricked/flagged line, up to right of two left guardian trees, running between these two trees, then from the left guardian tree to the first tree to the left of the alternate basket area.  Shots travelling farther than this tree are considered in bounds.  Fencing on right and beyond.  315’


3**CHANGE FROM 2019**   All pros, MA1 and MA40 will play from standard 3 tee to 4’s basket.  All other divisions will play from rec tee.  521’ from Standard tee/465’ from rec tee.  Take path to the left of the pin up to Alt 5 tee.

4**CHANGE FROM 2019** ALT HOLE 5    Alternate tee.  OB-bricked/flagged line past basket and beyond.  **Due to the storm, there is a major hanger to the left of the basket.  Should your disc land in the caution taped area, please take relief of up to one meter from where you went in with no penalty**. From basket, PROs, AM1, and MA40 – proceed to 6 tee.  All others please use the pathway in the woods to the left of the pin – cross over corner of Hole 6 only when clear and proceed to A.  306’

5**CHANGE FROM 2019** All pros, MA1 And MA40 will play from standard tee of 6 to A’s basket.  All others will play Hole A. 1000’ from 6 tee/550’ from Tee of A.  Take pathway before B’s tee up to C.

6**CHANGE FROM 2019** Hole C in Alt (long) position.  305’.  Take pathway just past pin, cross 6 fairway only when clear, and proceed to 7.

7       Super long pin–through longer opening to end of tree line. **MANDO-stay to the left of the tree next to standard pin.  If you miss the mando to the right, proceed to the rec tee for your next shot.** All pros, MA1 and MA40 will use Standard tee.  All other divisions will use Rec tee, which is at the corner of the woods on left side of fairway.  Use path in woods to walk back to Hole 8 standard tee.  1047’ from Standard tee/740’ from Rec tee.

8       All pros, MA1 and MA40 will play from Standard tee.  All other divisions will play from Rec tee. OB – on or over rock wall on Burnside Avenue.  640’ from Standard tee/390’ from Rec tee.

9       Alternate pin.  OB – Flagged/painted line on road next to alt pin.  Bricked/flagged line short & right of short pin – extended to perpetuity.  555’

10      OB-On or over stone wall/painted line and beyond in wall gaps, in bocce court area as defined by stone boundaries/paint and on or over rock wall on Burnside Avenue and beyond.  DO NOT CLIMB ON WALL.  375’

11      All pros, MA1 and MA40 will play from Standard tee.  All other divisions will play from Rec tee. OB-On or over stone wall/painted line and beyond in wall gaps, AND FLAGGED LINE ON RIGHT SIDE.  DO NOT CLIMB ON WALL.  720’ from Standard tee/480’ from Rec tee.

12  489’ NO OB

13      Standard pin.  325’

14      Standard pin.  OB – Jeep trail as defined by flagged/painted line.  342’

15      Alternate pin (anhyzer route).  280’

16      OB-road past basket and beyond.  258’

17  **CHANGE FROM 2019** Alt pin deeper in woods. OB past pin marked by bricks and flags.  390’

18      Alternate pin.  OB–Roadway on right side of hole and beyond, roadway between two basket placements.543’